Klenspop Circle lens Review: Bunny 3 Color Grey

In my excitement I forgot to announce the next review I would be doing for Klenspop, for that I am super sorry! I got caught up with work and medical things, Needless to say I am fine, just pulled something in my leg and ready to do this review! So who is ready?!?!

Bunny 3 Color Grey
Diameter: 14.5mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.3mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water content: 38%
Manufacture: Lenspop
Origin: Korea

Due to some issues with my post I got these a little late, but I know it wasn't their fault. So I will say that their shipping is really great and fast for just standard~ 

I still cant get over the cute little box they put it in compared to other contacts I have gotten that just wrap the bottles up. Everything is so neat and organized <3 I didn't get a little paper this time though to show how to care for lenses, but I am sure if it's your first time ordering from them they include it! 

How they look:
Indoor/Bathroom Lighting

Indoor Natural lighting

Outside Lighting

First impression: I was happy to be getting a more then one tone contact, and it looked really nice in the picture I saw on their page (seen below) so I was ready to see how they would look when I got them. I have had a grey lens before and it showed up really nice with my eyes so I knew I wouldn't have to worry to much about these ones! 5/5
Design: I really like how two tone or three tone contacts look but I have always been to scared to buy them. I don't know why. So the design on this was really nice simple. Another good one for just a natural look~ 5/5
Color: I love grey lenses, the only thing that worried me was the brown. But the two work together really well. Even if they don't show up well with my eye color~ 4/5
Naturalness: These contacts are very natural. They are perfect to wear going out any where. I figure that if you have light eyes though they will be more noticeable with the grey but they aren't big enough to look unnatural. 5/5
Enlargement: They weren't really enlarging. They were a little big but not big enough for any one to notice that you are wearing any contacts. These felt like I was wearing just normal colored contacts. Which there is nothing wrong with that. Good for family photos!! 3/5 
Comfort: I haven't had the chance to wear these to work, but as I am typing this I am wearing them with a fan blowing in my face and they haven't tried out nor dried out my eyes. I don't even feel them, they were a little hard to put on since I am used to bigger lenses. Putting on makeup didn't irritate them either!! 5/5
Overall: I really was expecting them to look like this: 
They do how ever look like that when they are in the case, just not on my eyes. I imagine that's how they would look on some one with light eyes. How ever, I loved how the grey created a neat little effect around my eyes in some pictures that I took. They are more noticeable in the sun light then indoors which was a little disappointing for me. I wouldn't recommend this to some one with dark eyes that wanted a color to show no matter the lighting. I would how ever tell all my light eyed followers and friends that if they want a natural three toned contact that they should get these ones. Even though they don't show up great with my eyes, I would recommend you give them a shot if everything else about them appeals to you, every eye is different~ 27/30

I would like to thank lens pop for sponsoring me with another pair of contacts and am glad to continue to do work with them~

Sorry it took me so long to get this up!!

Klenspop Bunny Color Brown: Review

First off I would like to say sorry for taking so long but the moment is finally here!!! That's right~ I got my lenses and now I am ready to do the review! So buckle your seat belts, sit tight, and remember to keep all hands in feet inside at all time. ( I am not responsible for any losses of limbs!) Now lets get the show on the rode~

Bunny Color Brown
Diameter: 14.0 mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.8
BC: 8.6
Water Content: 38%
Manufacture: Lenspop
Origin: Korea

The shipping was really fast, they arrived in 2 weeks or maybe 3. I wasn't expecting to get them in the month of June since I thought they would arrive in July. So I was really happy about when they came! Fastest I have ever had.

I thought they just had the cutest packaging, coming in the bubble wrapped box as seen in above. They also shipped a circle lens guide in case it's your first time and your just not sure what to do! They also came with tweezers and more instructions! Which you will see below. Their contact case is simple, which isn't bad since I can see what contacts are in there! 

Now I was worried when I saw them since I have dark brown eyes, and was worried they wouldn't show up well. So I wasn't hopeful. How ever I was pleasantly surprised when I put them in, I would have never ordered a brown pair of lenses before but these changed my mind. The look is so natural, and in the right lighting it looks perfect, as if my eye had three tones. These easily became my new favorite pair. The best part of it is I can wear them any where. To work, meeting people's parents, just going out to hang with friends, the mall, you get the picture! It just makes my eyes look bigger and I love it. Now onto the more important stuff! 

How do they look?
Bathroom lighting

Indoor with natural light

Outside/ Natural light

But how would you rate them?!

First impression: I stated that earlier but I shall again. I was worried since I have dark brown eyes and was pleasantly surprised. They changed my mind completely about brown circle lenses! 4/5
Design: I am not to picky about them usually, I never go for natural looking but these were just amazing. I like the effect the design gives my eyes in the light, and it catches peoples attention. 5/5
Color: Even though it is a brown, I love it! Like I said, it just make my eyes look good! 5/5
Naturalness: If you're looking to buy a pair that you can wear anytime and anywhere then these are the lenses for you! Let the pictures speak louder then my words! 5/5
Comfort: Not only where these bad boys easy to put one, I feel like I am wearing nothing. I wore them to work for an 8 hour shift, and they didn't dry out my eyes not once. I can do and wear my make up comfortably with out any of the irritation some lenses gave me from my pencil eye liner. I forget I even have them on sometimes! 5/5
Enlargement: I normally go for contacts that are bigger in diameter, but since my eyes basically blend in with the lens itself, they make my eyes look big. I sent a picture to my family since they always complain that I look creepy in the other lenses I bought, they told me I just looked like I was high on some drugs, and I just love big eyes <3 5/5
Overall: I am really happy that lenspop sponsored me with these lenses because they really did change my mind about buying brown circle lenses. They are so great and I never want to take them off! They don't look fake and make my eyes huge, I love it! I highly recommend buying these! If you do I hope you love them as much as I do! 29/30

I have provided a link to the contacts, all you have to do is click the contact image I provided above, the one with the white back round! 

I would like to thank Lenspop for giving me the chance to write a review on these lovely pair of lenses and hope to do further work from you as a customer or a sponsor!

Until next time~
I hope you all have a wonderful time and again thank you all for  your support and staying with me! You are the best~

So it begins

As you all know I haven't been around very much, BUT this time I promise I will be, I will be doing mostly reviews on circle lenses and if I get lucky then I'll be doing review for other beauty products.

So with out further-ado I announce the first person to sponsor me and helping me getting back on my feet is....

Yup that's right!! Klenspop! So I owe them a lot, and look forward to reviewing their lenses! What lenses will I be reviewing you ask? Well -drum roll please-
Bunny Color Brown!
I'll be adding their banner, and well more information about the lenses when they arrive so be sure to be on the look out! In the mean time I will be doing reviews for all the other lenses I bought for your reading pleasure~ Until then take care~

Twilight green sponsor review

Sorry for taking so long!! I was really busy with work and finally got a day off!!! So here it is the much anticipated post! My twilight green review. 

Twilight green lens: Details
  • Diameter-15.0 mm
  • Water content-+ 38%
  • Base curve- 8.6 mm
  • Life span- Three months
So this was the photo they have up for it and it really doesnt do the contact justice.

The shipping was pretty fast, I think it took about three weeks for me to get them which isn't to bad!! When they arrived they were in an envelope with bubble wrap all over the inside. When I took them out this is what it looked like. 

(Ignore the stove I had to take the photos in the kitchen.. It had the best lighting.)
They stack the bottles on top of each other in a Chinese recipe which I cant wait to cook! ^^ The lens case is a little on the boring side but I like it for the fact that I can see through it so I know what contacts are what. 

As soon as you open the bottle be sure you let your contacts soak for 8 hours I use optifresh solution because I wear prescription contacts. You cant really see it in the photo but the contacts them selves look a little sheer. But they show up perfectly fine on dark eyes. 

When I went to go put them on it was really easy, they didnt fold in or anything they just slipped right in...

ANYWAY -clears throat- normally my eyes dry out after wearing contacts for a brief amount of time but these didn't do that so that is alway a plus ^^

This is how they look with out door lighting 

Indoor lighting 

I never do flash because well flash hurts my eyes so I avoid it ( sorry ^^') 

Time for the actual review it self!! 

First impression: Well to be honest when they told me that was the lens that was going to be shipped out to me I felt the weight crushing me because I didn't like them just because of how they looked on the website. Now that I actually had the chance to wear them I know they look nothing like the photo they have up there and I absolutely LOVE them. But based on just first impression they get a 3/5

Design: The design is pretty simple but I like it because of the fact that the contact is sheer ( you can see it in my out door photo.. ) thus creating a really cool effect. 4/5

Color: On their website it looked like it would be this really bright green that would look really unnatural and weird but when I wore them I was surprised how well they showed up on my eyes and not really bright like in the photos. Normally green lenses don't really show up on my eyes. 5/5

Naturalness: They don't really look all that natural in some lighting they do and others they dont. But when I go to buy circle lenses I want to buy a pair that will make people look twice ^^ 2/5

Comfort: These feel like nothing is on your eye which I love! They didn't make my eyes all red either. I had a pair that did that but I think it's cause they were old ^^'' 5/5

Enlargement: You can actually see how much bigger it is then my actual eye. These are probably the biggest pair I have ever worn and they really do what they are supposed to! 5/5 

Overall: These are probably the best pair I have ever owned and I am SO glad they dont look like how they do in the photo! I am now thinking about getting the red pair from the twilight series!!  24/30

I'll be posting my Tsubasa tutorial soon!! Along with the banner~ Until then! 

The comeback

I'mmmm baaaaaack!!

Right so I know I have been gone since April of last year... Why the sudden disappearance? Where could I have gone? (Even thought I didn't post as much as I should have) I moved to a whole new state! Got out a bad relationship (caused me way to much stress to the point I wasn't happy with them), started working at a new job, met a new guy (details about that later), found my own apartment to live in and basically just working my butt off! It has been tiring and before I almost forget!! Merry Christmas and I hope you have a happy new year! Yeah I know I am a little late on that. I know there are things that I still have yet to post and well I know I will post the reviews for sure put as far as the other things go not to sure about them! I will be starting fresh and new and will not be posting every day maybe once or twice every week. Or if I just have something to post about... I can't be bound by a promise to post every day when well I don't have that many of you! BUT I am happy for the few that are following me :3 I love you all very much for not unfollowing me during this time!!!

Why my long trip to the wizarding world was just fantastic.

 First off I would like to apologize for my month of being absent and not posting so much. The wizarding world is very serious about not allowing muggle (Non-magic folk) inventions in. I did smuggle my phone in and you can see I tried to make a post when I was on my phone, but could not put up any pictures!

I am still figuring out how to use muggle technology, it can get a little confusing for me still! When I came back from Hogwarts, I discovered my computer was broken!
SO I had to buy a new one, and I just got that yesterday ^^


What does that mean? 
I will be posting more I promise, back to my 1 post a week thing, I have so many things to make up for!

Coming next week: Twilight Blue- Sponsor review!

Until then remember these words of wisdom~

" It is impossible to live with out failing at something, unless you have lived so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all. In which case you fail by default"
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-J.K Rowling

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