Twilight green sponsor review

Sorry for taking so long!! I was really busy with work and finally got a day off!!! So here it is the much anticipated post! My twilight green review. 

Twilight green lens: Details
  • Diameter-15.0 mm
  • Water content-+ 38%
  • Base curve- 8.6 mm
  • Life span- Three months
So this was the photo they have up for it and it really doesnt do the contact justice.

The shipping was pretty fast, I think it took about three weeks for me to get them which isn't to bad!! When they arrived they were in an envelope with bubble wrap all over the inside. When I took them out this is what it looked like. 

(Ignore the stove I had to take the photos in the kitchen.. It had the best lighting.)
They stack the bottles on top of each other in a Chinese recipe which I cant wait to cook! ^^ The lens case is a little on the boring side but I like it for the fact that I can see through it so I know what contacts are what. 

As soon as you open the bottle be sure you let your contacts soak for 8 hours I use optifresh solution because I wear prescription contacts. You cant really see it in the photo but the contacts them selves look a little sheer. But they show up perfectly fine on dark eyes. 

When I went to go put them on it was really easy, they didnt fold in or anything they just slipped right in...

ANYWAY -clears throat- normally my eyes dry out after wearing contacts for a brief amount of time but these didn't do that so that is alway a plus ^^

This is how they look with out door lighting 

Indoor lighting 

I never do flash because well flash hurts my eyes so I avoid it ( sorry ^^') 

Time for the actual review it self!! 

First impression: Well to be honest when they told me that was the lens that was going to be shipped out to me I felt the weight crushing me because I didn't like them just because of how they looked on the website. Now that I actually had the chance to wear them I know they look nothing like the photo they have up there and I absolutely LOVE them. But based on just first impression they get a 3/5

Design: The design is pretty simple but I like it because of the fact that the contact is sheer ( you can see it in my out door photo.. ) thus creating a really cool effect. 4/5

Color: On their website it looked like it would be this really bright green that would look really unnatural and weird but when I wore them I was surprised how well they showed up on my eyes and not really bright like in the photos. Normally green lenses don't really show up on my eyes. 5/5

Naturalness: They don't really look all that natural in some lighting they do and others they dont. But when I go to buy circle lenses I want to buy a pair that will make people look twice ^^ 2/5

Comfort: These feel like nothing is on your eye which I love! They didn't make my eyes all red either. I had a pair that did that but I think it's cause they were old ^^'' 5/5

Enlargement: You can actually see how much bigger it is then my actual eye. These are probably the biggest pair I have ever worn and they really do what they are supposed to! 5/5 

Overall: These are probably the best pair I have ever owned and I am SO glad they dont look like how they do in the photo! I am now thinking about getting the red pair from the twilight series!!  24/30

I'll be posting my Tsubasa tutorial soon!! Along with the banner~ Until then! 

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