Klenspop Bunny Color Brown: Review

First off I would like to say sorry for taking so long but the moment is finally here!!! That's right~ I got my lenses and now I am ready to do the review! So buckle your seat belts, sit tight, and remember to keep all hands in feet inside at all time. ( I am not responsible for any losses of limbs!) Now lets get the show on the rode~

Bunny Color Brown
Diameter: 14.0 mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.8
BC: 8.6
Water Content: 38%
Manufacture: Lenspop
Origin: Korea

The shipping was really fast, they arrived in 2 weeks or maybe 3. I wasn't expecting to get them in the month of June since I thought they would arrive in July. So I was really happy about when they came! Fastest I have ever had.

I thought they just had the cutest packaging, coming in the bubble wrapped box as seen in above. They also shipped a circle lens guide in case it's your first time and your just not sure what to do! They also came with tweezers and more instructions! Which you will see below. Their contact case is simple, which isn't bad since I can see what contacts are in there! 

Now I was worried when I saw them since I have dark brown eyes, and was worried they wouldn't show up well. So I wasn't hopeful. How ever I was pleasantly surprised when I put them in, I would have never ordered a brown pair of lenses before but these changed my mind. The look is so natural, and in the right lighting it looks perfect, as if my eye had three tones. These easily became my new favorite pair. The best part of it is I can wear them any where. To work, meeting people's parents, just going out to hang with friends, the mall, you get the picture! It just makes my eyes look bigger and I love it. Now onto the more important stuff! 

How do they look?
Bathroom lighting

Indoor with natural light

Outside/ Natural light

But how would you rate them?!

First impression: I stated that earlier but I shall again. I was worried since I have dark brown eyes and was pleasantly surprised. They changed my mind completely about brown circle lenses! 4/5
Design: I am not to picky about them usually, I never go for natural looking but these were just amazing. I like the effect the design gives my eyes in the light, and it catches peoples attention. 5/5
Color: Even though it is a brown, I love it! Like I said, it just make my eyes look good! 5/5
Naturalness: If you're looking to buy a pair that you can wear anytime and anywhere then these are the lenses for you! Let the pictures speak louder then my words! 5/5
Comfort: Not only where these bad boys easy to put one, I feel like I am wearing nothing. I wore them to work for an 8 hour shift, and they didn't dry out my eyes not once. I can do and wear my make up comfortably with out any of the irritation some lenses gave me from my pencil eye liner. I forget I even have them on sometimes! 5/5
Enlargement: I normally go for contacts that are bigger in diameter, but since my eyes basically blend in with the lens itself, they make my eyes look big. I sent a picture to my family since they always complain that I look creepy in the other lenses I bought, they told me I just looked like I was high on some drugs, and I just love big eyes <3 5/5
Overall: I am really happy that lenspop sponsored me with these lenses because they really did change my mind about buying brown circle lenses. They are so great and I never want to take them off! They don't look fake and make my eyes huge, I love it! I highly recommend buying these! If you do I hope you love them as much as I do! 29/30

I have provided a link to the contacts, all you have to do is click the contact image I provided above, the one with the white back round! 

I would like to thank Lenspop for giving me the chance to write a review on these lovely pair of lenses and hope to do further work from you as a customer or a sponsor!

Until next time~
I hope you all have a wonderful time and again thank you all for  your support and staying with me! You are the best~

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