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Klenspop Circle lens Review: Bunny 3 Color Grey

In my excitement I forgot to announce the next review I would be doing for Klenspop, for that I am super sorry! I got caught up with work and medical things, Needless to say I am fine, just pulled something in my leg and ready to do this review! So who is ready?!?!

Bunny 3 Color Grey
Diameter: 14.5mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.3mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water content: 38%
Manufacture: Lenspop
Origin: Korea

Due to some issues with my post I got these a little late, but I know it wasn't their fault. So I will say that their shipping is really great and fast for just standard~ 

I still cant get over the cute little box they put it in compared to other contacts I have gotten that just wrap the bottles up. Everything is so neat and organized <3 I didn't get a little paper this time though to show how to care for lenses, but I am sure if it's your first time ordering from them they include it! 

How they look:
Indoor/Bathroom Lighting

Indoor Natural lighting

Outside Lighting

First impression: I was happy to be getting a more then one tone contact, and it looked really nice in the picture I saw on their page (seen below) so I was ready to see how they would look when I got them. I have had a grey lens before and it showed up really nice with my eyes so I knew I wouldn't have to worry to much about these ones! 5/5
Design: I really like how two tone or three tone contacts look but I have always been to scared to buy them. I don't know why. So the design on this was really nice simple. Another good one for just a natural look~ 5/5
Color: I love grey lenses, the only thing that worried me was the brown. But the two work together really well. Even if they don't show up well with my eye color~ 4/5
Naturalness: These contacts are very natural. They are perfect to wear going out any where. I figure that if you have light eyes though they will be more noticeable with the grey but they aren't big enough to look unnatural. 5/5
Enlargement: They weren't really enlarging. They were a little big but not big enough for any one to notice that you are wearing any contacts. These felt like I was wearing just normal colored contacts. Which there is nothing wrong with that. Good for family photos!! 3/5 
Comfort: I haven't had the chance to wear these to work, but as I am typing this I am wearing them with a fan blowing in my face and they haven't tried out nor dried out my eyes. I don't even feel them, they were a little hard to put on since I am used to bigger lenses. Putting on makeup didn't irritate them either!! 5/5
Overall: I really was expecting them to look like this: 
They do how ever look like that when they are in the case, just not on my eyes. I imagine that's how they would look on some one with light eyes. How ever, I loved how the grey created a neat little effect around my eyes in some pictures that I took. They are more noticeable in the sun light then indoors which was a little disappointing for me. I wouldn't recommend this to some one with dark eyes that wanted a color to show no matter the lighting. I would how ever tell all my light eyed followers and friends that if they want a natural three toned contact that they should get these ones. Even though they don't show up great with my eyes, I would recommend you give them a shot if everything else about them appeals to you, every eye is different~ 27/30

I would like to thank lens pop for sponsoring me with another pair of contacts and am glad to continue to do work with them~

Sorry it took me so long to get this up!!

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