Mama berry's first international give away winners AND new sponsor~

The time has come.... berries and gentleman please hold on to your underwear, what I am about to say will shock you! 

Finally I will be announcing the winners for my very first give away!!

Sorry for the delay I got busy with work and shit so um yeah point is that I am here now and doing it! SO the winner of the first prize is......

HOLY SHIT I CAN"T BELIEVE IT!!! It's a guy.... O_O 

Congratulations to James Azzata!!! 

I have sent you an email so please respond to it when you get the chance :3 

Fret not my berries there is still the second prize winner!! Who will it be?! 

Congratulations to  タリン!!

I have also sent you an email please respond when you have time ^^

Onto the good kush and shit....

Hey you!!

Yes you! Are you tired of having dull boring eyes? 

Do you want to want to look kawaii?

Well I have the solution for you!! Lens Circle circle lenses, what a fucking tongue twister!! The can help you achieve this greatness! They have a good price for the lenses considering the fact the ship to you with in one week! That's right one week! They also have a wonderful selection of lenses and lens care kits!! Now I know what you are thinking " She is only saying this cause they are sponsoring her." Well you are absolutely riig-- WRONG! Here have a prize for FAILING! 

I will be posting a banner for them soon but for now go and click this link!!! 

Now you can look

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