Calling all anime fans and otakus!!

Alright, read up and read good cause I am only going to type this once! A brand new site is coming to town and it's called Go Boiano. A website for all the anime fans and kpop and jpop lovers can go to so they can meet other people just like them! I wish this site was around when I was in high school   

So far they are in beta and I was lucky enough to snag a spot!!! But dont you worry you guys can get a spot as well!! All you have to do is click on the banner below and you will be redirected to their website, from there all you have to do is type in your email and be a patient little otaku and wait for the invite. So far everything I have seen was awesome. They have so many things going on up in there! 

The layout is very user friendly and easy to use plus every one that has been there is so nice. Like seriously I dont think I have seen anything negative on there.

 We no longer have to worry about being judged by the out side world, stepping out in our strange clothes and people telling us that we are reading the book backwards. We can be freeeeee.... Free to go out wearing cat ears and tails, free to wear our cosplay outfits when we so desire, free to dress up in lolita and free to wear our adorable kigurumis! 
thespookyarachnid:  Someone needs to tell me what this anime is called.   Hey honey! The anime is called ‘K-On!’ and it is really cute! Hoped that helps! 
So come with me and enjoy this freedom!! 
Yuu-berry..... Umm......
M-m-me... Crazy?.... I just wanted to share the lovely site...
But seriously click below if you are interested in joining the beta!
Click me!

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