Milky Bunny Tsubasa Masuwaka Tutorial Collaboration: coming soon to a blog near you!


THUD..THUD.. CRUNCH you can hear loud foot steps off in the distance, you listen as they slowly get closer... THUD.... THUD.... CRUNCH the foot steps are getting closer, you close your eyes wishing it would just go away THUD.... THUD... CRUNCH you open your eyes and just as you are about to scream you are crushed by... BIG NEWS! 

Um... WHAT?! 

Something big is coming up and I am talking about bigger then Godzilla big!!
I am going to be doing a Tsubasa Masuwaka tutorial collaboration with a few other fellow bloggers~

Now before I can actually start I am just waiting for a few things to be shipped to me for the full and complete Tsubasa look ^^ I will be posting a tutorial on my blog (Because... Well people just want to know how to do certain things) I will also be posting tutorials for other things such as lip make up, eye make up, and hair styles!!! So be sure to keep your eyes peepled for th-- 
Heyy look it's Jaejoong...

-shakes head- Right I need to focus! This collabartion is going to be the biggest thing to hit the internet! As I said there is going to be a few of us. I will post their link's once I have done the tutorial or you can to babycakesland to see every one who is participating!!

Don't forget to enter my give away below this post for your chance to win ^^


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