Just another Prince charming fail


Alright, this happened to me a couple days ago and it honestly bothered the shit out of me. This guy a knew for almost a year now stopped talking to me for 6 months and then sent me a text out of the blue. We had a normal conversation for a bit, just catching up when I told him I had broke up with the guy I was dating at the time when we met he called me right after I sent that text.
So we talked on the phone for a bit and I mention that I am seeing some one and so he told me he had to go... So I was just like...

As soon as we hung up he sent me a text, for the sake of this post lets just call this guy Brock. 

Brock: I wish you were single... That's why I called. 

Me: Sorry >< I hate to friendzone you but I do have a boyfriend and things seem serious! 

Brock: I'm not gonna be rude. I have always liked you but you have a boyfriend now im not gonna bother you.  

Me: Sorry I feel bad...

Honestly... " I have always liked you" how many times has that line worked for guys?! If you have "always" liked me then you should have told me sooner not 6 months later (my ex and I have been broken up for 7 months)! Brock and I hardly ever talked to begin with. When ever we would hang out he would be off playing video games or talking to his other friends. Not once did he bother talking to me or anything. 

At that point all I wanted to do was just scream into a pillow. So he changes the subject and I ask him about his ex and why things didn't work out when he just RANDOMLY says "That's mean... You hooking me up with your home girl cause you're taken." 

Um... What? I didn't even mention hooking him up with any of my "home girls" in fact none of them even know about him, well until I told them about how annoying it was. He said it like it was my job to find him a girl lol sorry dude I am not your match maker! 

But the strangest thing is that guys do this a lot. I had it happen to me before with this guy in high school. Years later he sent me a facebook message talking about how he always liked me to but we never talked or hung out because he was the "jock" and I was known as the "weird" person in class... 

"God what's the fucking point of this post? No one cares." 

WELL the point of this post is that if you like some one dont wait years later or even months just to tell them. Tell them when you have the chance even if that means waiting and getting rejected. Who knows you might even find some one else you like( if the person you like is currently in a relationship) 

"There are plenty of fish in the sea. One will come and nibble on the bait then get caught."

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