Fairy series review

Finally after all that talk about posting it here it is!! Drum roll please....

The Fairy series review!

  • Diameter: 14.8mm
  • Water Content: 38%
  • Base Curve: 8.6mm
  • Lens life: 3 months (daily wear)

  • They come in 6 different colors.
    (Click the color names to be redirected)

    fairy pink thumb
    Fairy Pink

    Fairy Brown thumb1
    fairy grey thumb
    Fairy Grey
    Fairy Blue thumb
    Fairy Blue
    fairy violet thumb
    Fairy Violet 

    When I first saw these I fell in love with the blues right away and bought them as soon as I saw them. Ever since then I practically wear them when ever I go out including to work. When it was time for me to get a new pair I went ahead and bought the same ones. Since I wanted to start doing reviews I thought why not do my first review about the ones I fell in love with. So here it goes!

    Close up of the lenses in natural light
    Full picture of lenses in natural light 

    (I love how they look almost natural when I wear them)

    Here's how they look with indoor light (Sorry for the blurry quality TT~TT)
     Here is a close up of how they look with indoor lighting

    I don't have a picture of the packaging because I didnt get to open them ( my ex did an then he hid them from me ) But since they are sending me a different pair to review I will upload the package pictures with those! (Sorry~)  Onto the good stuff!

    Design: It was my first time getting a circle lens with a noticeable design on it but I like the effect it gave me in certain lighting. It gives more of a doll eye effect as many people pointed out to me when I wore them so I give it a.... 4/5 

    Color: When I purchase circle lenses I normally go for blue or green because I have always wanted to have that eye color instead of brown. I was a little disappointed that the color wasn't bright enough to show but it did show a little bit if I hit the light in the right spot. 4/5

    Comfort: These are really comfortable. It felt like I was wearing just a plain colored contact and not a circle lens. I had trouble putting them on here and there but once they were in I barely felt them. The only discomfort I had was when something would get in my solution and onto my lens and I didn't see it but that is not the contact itself so overall I give it a... 5/5

    Enlargement: I ABSOLUTELY loved how big the lens made my eyes looked. Every where I went I hear people whisper that I looked like a doll, even my co-workers felt the same! I always enjoy watching people do that double take ;3. 5/5

    Overall Rating: These are good for every day wear and they give me the desired effect that I want. I would highly recommend these!! 5/5

    That brings the score to... 23/25 
    (which isn't to bad ^^)

    I'll be posting a mini photo shoot I had with my best friend wearing these lens :3


    I hoped you enjoy my post... Until next time!!


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