Circle lens 101... for dummies


Alright today we will be going over circle lenses for dummies. Just for the few people out there who don't know what these fantastic contacts are.

Circle what? Circle lenses! What are those? Glad you asked my dear old pal! To put it simply and in terms you would understand they are called big eye contacts. Big eye contacts? Exactly, they are contacts that give the effect of a larger eye.  (For my readers who do wear them now when people ask you what are you wearing you can tell them big eye contacts and if  they  still don't understand just slap them while calling them a baka and walk away!)

Oh, well when can I wear them? What would be the point of having them? Wh--- Enough questions I am getting to it... As I mentioned before they create a large eye look. The most popular look people try to achieve is the kawaii dolly eye effect, how ever all circle lenses are not the same and will create different effects. You can wear them when ever you want but they are known for achieving that anime look for cosplaying. Cosplay? ~sighs~ that will be for some other time... 

I don't really get it... Can you show me some pictures?
Pictures? Good thing I came prepared! Feast your eyes on the amazing and wonderful circle lenses!!  
Now that you witnessed the power of circle lenses what do you think?
They look pretty cool but....I would rather just stick with normal colored contacts...

My effort to convert you seems useless... Normal contacts are boring they are the same size as your iris, your eye's will look the same only the color will be different, plus they are not as cool. 
But I think th-

~clears throat~  AS I was saying, circle lenses come in many different sizes and designs. Each design creates a unique look. There are some pretty cool designs out there that will make people do a double take as you walk pass them, so what is not to love? 

If there are different designs how do I know which one to get? The answer is easy you pick which ever ones you like and if you don't like how they look then you can just pick a different one. The possibilities are endless! 

Where in the world can I buy these amazing things?!
There are many online shops but my favorite one to get mine is Pinky Paradise- the largest online store they have over 750 designs plus they have really cute animal cases or you can get a macaroon case (Be sure to make a note that you want this case when ordering)

Be sure to get your circle lenses today!! Just remember with great kawaiiness comes even more kawaiiness. (Really you can't stop being cute)


To receive a mystery gift with your purchase 
Enter Code: Yuu-Berry 

On a side note I will be doing a review for two of their circle lens. The EOS pop C series ( dark green) as well as the G&G lacey series (grey) so stay tuned for those two reviews.

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