Christmas shopping.... For myself


Who doesn't love pampering them selves once in awhile and with Christmas right around the corner, it is the perfect excuse to pamper yourself just a little more then usual. THAT being said I did some more shopping for my self a little. I did my nails and then went on amazon to get some much needed things!! 

I'll post pictures when everything arrives in the mail which is gonna take forever TT~TT. 

I deiced at 20 followers I am going to post what my give away is going to include so keep an eye out for that post :3 

Oh.. I am doing a collaboration with a bunch of fellow bloggers including my best friend but more about that some other time!~ I have to go out and do more shopping! ( For other people this time and not just my self.... WELL maybe a little bit for my self ;3)

 That's all for now have a FANTASTICAL day!


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